Jun 192009

For an undetermined length of time, Virtual Insurance Advisor has offered to provide free insurance advertising to qualifying insurance agents and companies throughout North America.  Each person that visits their insurance educational website is encouraged to speak with a local insurance professional to learn more about their individual needs.  VIA.com is allowing certain insurance agents to join their recommended registry of agents for free!

Virtual Insurance Advisor is an informational website centered around insurance.  The site lets visitors hold online conversations with insurance specialists.  These advice themed discussions help consumers to better grasp the intricacies of insurance along with their specific needs and discounts they should seek.  While speaking with experts online, each visitor is encouraged to reach out to a local agent for more information.

Company president, Jay VanDamme explains his goal, “the insurance industry has become more and more focused on saving customers time and money and less oriented toward the original purpose of insurance: financial risk protection.  We stand apart from the crowd by encouraging our visitors to take extra time to identify their risk tolerance and protection needs.  We just want more people to make smart decisions to adeqately protect their families.”

VanDamme also references his free advertising program asserting, “we are proud to promote local insurance agencies on our website.  We take time to slow down the consumer mindset and get people thinking about insurance, but since we are not selling insurance, we prefer to pass our influence off to local pros that can continue the conversation…”

Confirming only that the free marketing option to agents is likely to only be available for a limited time, Virtual Insurance Advisor has not officially declared an ending date for this promotion.  If you think it’s something you may be interested in for your agency, learn more information here:

Free Insurance Advertising and Marketing