Oct 182009

Virtual Insurance Advisor.com recently announced the inclusion of Treutel Insurance Agency to their recommended agencies network within the state of Mississippi. The addition of the Truetel Agency to the Virtual Insurance Advisor.com referral network means that visitors of their insurance education website will be recommended to reach out to the Treutel Insurance Agency for additional conversations about insurance needs as well as quotes for personal and commercial lines of insurance.

What is Virtual Insurance Advisor.com?  It is an educational website that helps insurance consumers to better understand how insurance works and the appropriate coverage selections for their individual situation. Insurance shoppers are trained about the insurance coverages and options for the specific type of insurance policy they are interested in with the assistance of an online “insurance specialist”. Visitors of the website learn about their coverage options and the discounts they may possibly be eligible for through online conversations with insurance experts. The website’s goal is to help visitors develop a greater understanding of how insurance can work for them while engaging in a conversation.

Virtual Insurance Advisor.com does not sell insurance, so they encourage their visitors to contact insurance professionals licensed in their state to gather more information. VIA CEO Jay VanDamme adds, \”We do not want customers to stop learning on our website. Our goal is to raise awareness and open the door to future insurance discussions. It’s obvious to my and my company that each person has different needs and worries when it comes to insurance.  Because of this we push our visitors to speak with local agencies to get more information and find the best policy for their family. It’s the reason we are so glad to have an experienced and knowlegeable agency like the Treutel Insurance Agency as a member of our recommended agencies.

Virtual Insurance Advisor targets insurance customers in North America and is on the constant lookout for highly rated insurance agencies to join their recommended agency list. Want to learn more about Virtual Insurance Advisor or Treutel Insurance agency?  Just visit the following links:

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Treutel Insurance Agency